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About Beacon Testing

ACR Cobham’s new 406Test.com allows 406 MHz ELTs to now be tested through-the-satellite during annual inspections and initial installations. With the advent of 406 MHz ELTs, you can no longer legally test them at the top of the hour as you did with 121.5 MHz beacons because this action activates the SAR network.

With 406Test, you can test the beacon anytime to ensure it is installed and working properly. With our patent pending system, you can test the beacon in accordance with 41 CFR Part 91.207 to check for proper installation, operation of the controls, and the presence of a sufficient signal radiated from its antenna.

The major benefit of this type of testing is that you are checking the integrity of the entire system, including all connections, from the cockpit switch, to the beacon, to the antenna, through-the-satellite, and back to your computer. No need to worry about purchasing an expensive beacon or antenna tester; you have everything you need to test your beacons right at your fingertips.

In addition, our software helps you to track your aircraft’s annual inspections as well as the ELT inspection date. For only $60 for the first beacon and $30 for each additional one, you test your beacon as many time as needed for a six-month period.


How does it work? The ELT test signal uses the same system that is used in an emergency activation. The test burst is transmitted from the aircraft’s ELT antenna, to the satellite, down to 406Test’s downlink station, and to you computer.

In addition, the system lets you manage your aircraft’s annual inspection by notifying you when it is due.